#0124: Furniture Slip Covers (by guest blogger Caroline Smith)

Although this seems like such a small thing, I am very thankful for my furniture slip covers. These inexpensive modern marvels, which are nothing like the old throws that Grandma once used, have made it easy for me to maintain a comfortable, fashionable home over the years.

In my first home, I knew that there was no money available for new furnishings, so most of the couches and chairs were those that had been discarded by other family members. Most of these were a little worse for wear and some had upholstery so outdated that it made me cringe to think of how my friends would react to it.

Although we had a limited budget, I still wanted our home to look nice, so I bought some inexpensive slip covers to cover any flaws and give these second-hand pieces a style makeover. I was delighted with the result.

Eventually, my husband and I could afford to buy new furniture. Everything seemed perfect… until a friend’s toddler spilled his juice on my new couch!

As I scrubbed away at the orange stain, I could envision years of chocolate smears, strawberry jam smudges, and Popsicle drips in the future. I decided that covering my lovely new furniture with sofa slip covers would be an excellent investment.

What a brilliant idea!

I am particularly thankful for my slip covers when friends and family bring their children or dogs to visit! I find removing and laundering slip covers to be a breeze, and this has extended the life of my furniture tremendously. I also read a great article about using old blankets to fill in areas that might sag and using rolled up magazines or newspapers around the cushion creases to hold the slip covers in place.

Slip covers have truly saved me time and money, and I am so thankful for their convenience. I also have to admit that I feel a bit proud that I have saved a few old couches from making an early trip to the local landfill. Environmentally, slip covers make great sense, and I am thankful to be able to pass this tip on to many of my friends who are always in search of ways to live a greener lifestyle.

By using slip covers, we can all go to bed with a clearer conscience, knowing that we are maintaining beautiful, comfortable homes for our families with as little waste as possible.

Ah, slip covers… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

This is a guest post from Caroline Smith, who runs a website all about furniture slip covers. For more info, go to www.getslipcovers.com.

Got something to be thankful for? Submit YOUR idea or blog post to 1001thingstobethankfulfor@gmail.com!

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