#0126: When Babies Finally Get Old Enough to Communicate Their Needs Verbally

When you become a parent, it’s very important to understand what your child’s needs are.  When they’re babies, though, all they can do to communicate what they want is to cry. 

Most parents can usually figure out what the various cries mean (i.e. the “hungry” cry, the “I need to potty” cry, etc.).  Still, it can be quite frustrating to hear a child crying as their only means of communication, especially when they’re at places like libraries or grocery stores where their piercing screams cut through the silent atmosphere like a Cutco knife!

But then, one day, after maybe a year or so on this planet, something wonderful happens…

They say their first word.

It usually starts with something simple, like “Mommy” or “Daddy.”  Pretty soon, they start learning other words – words that allow them to express their needs and wants: “Yes,” “No,” and of course, the always popular “I don’t know!”

Once a baby learns these words, it becomes MUCH easier for parents to get a better understanding of where their kid is coming from.  And yeah, they may initially talk a bit TOO much when they’re in their “learning word” stage, but at least parents don’t have to spend as much time trying to decode odd sounds to figure out what the kid wants to say to them!

Ah, when babies finally get old enough to communicate their needs verbally… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

Got something to be thankful for? Write me at 1001thingstobethankfulfor@gmail.com!

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