#0128: Having an Empty Seat Next to You on Public Transporation… and NOBODY Sits There

When traveling on any kind of public transportation – be it bus, train, plain, etc. – it can often become quite crowded.

You have buses that get stuffed with passengers going every which-way, trains commuting a slew of people from work during the after-work rush, and planes that get oversold.  It’s during these times that one’s personal space is often nil; either other people are standing next to you, or sitting so close that they’re nearly squishing you.

But then, one day, it happens:  you’re riding somewhere during very busy peak traveling hours, and there’s an empty seat next to you.  You get to a stop where tons of people are set to be riding with you.  You cringe at the thought of some smelly homeless guy or talkative teen girl walking up to the seat next to you and taking their sitting position.

You watch as each passenger gets on the bus one by one, and pray to God that whoever sits next to you at least has the common sense to not talk to you.

Finally, all the passengers have gotten on the bus.  After doing a quick survey, you realize that NONE OF THE PEOPLE SAT NEXT TO YOU!!


Now you don’t have to give up your personal space.  Now, you can continue to ride whatever it was you were riding, without having to deal with another person sitting next to you.

And you know what? It feels quite good, dang it.

Ah, having an empty seat next to you on public transportation, and nobody sits there… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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