#0133: Knowing People With Cars Who Will Happily Give You Rides

This article is dedicated to those people out there who have cars… and are more than happy to give their carless friends rides whenever they need a lift to/from a location.

You see, were it not for you, your friends would struggle to get to certain places on time.  They’d also be stranded at the airport, unable to get to (and/or stay late at) parties, be screwed at getting to work if their alarm didn’t go off in time for them to catch their bus, and be forced to walk long distances to places that only take 5 to 10 minutes via a car.

Yes, because of you, these people’s lives are made a little bit easier.  And the best part? You often do it without complaining, or making them feel bad for not having a car of their own.  And believe me, they DEFINITELY appreciate you for it (and are usually willing to chip in for gas as a result).

Ah, knowing people with cars who will happily give you rides… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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One Response to #0133: Knowing People With Cars Who Will Happily Give You Rides

  1. Elloise says:

    Definitely love and appreciate friends who are happy give rides!! Also LOVE that I have a wonderful roof over my head. 🙂

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