#0134: Sweatshirt Hoodies

It’s fall time, which means the weather is starting to get colder outside.

However, while it may be too cold to walk around with bear arms showing, it may not be cold enough yet for the “Heavy Jacket” phase to start.  You may just need something that allows you to stay relatively warm, yet won’t be causing you to sweat out your pours into a self-made puddle.


It’s one of the articles of clothing I wear quite often during the fall season.  It’s a sweatshirt, meaning it will cover up your arms and keep you warm, and it’s got a hoodie on top to act like a hat, should it become too windy or chilly for the top of your head to handle.

What’s also nice about them is they are generally lightweight.  They hold in enough heat to keep you warm without being overbearing.  At the same time, if you put it on in the morning (when it’s usually coldest) and find the weather getting warmer as the day progresses, you can simply take it off and tie the sleeves around your waist.  It won’t drag you down, and you’ll be able to move around with it off until you decide to put it back on again!

In addition to the warmth they provide, sweatshirt hoodies can help you give off the impression of being someone who’s tough.  You can walk around with a hoodie on and look intimidating, thanks in part to all the various gangsta rap videos out that perpetrated the stereotype of “hoodie=I might kill yo’ @$$” toughness.  It’s certainly much more effective than walking around in a Cosby sweater, where all people do is assume you like pudding.

Ah, sweatshirt hoodies… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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