#0135: When Someone is Courteous Enough to Tell You About the Food Stuck Between Your Teeth

You’re having a conversation with someone about something.  In the middle of one of your sentence, the other person stops you and says: “Excuse me, but… I think you have a piece of food stuck between your teeth.”

And just like that, another person has saved you from an entire day of humiliation!

Think about what would have happened if that person had NOT told you about the food between your teeth?

You would have walked around the rest of the day, jibber-jabbering on and on to person after person, and each one of them would have stared at your mouth while you talked, watching as a piece of pepper or cut spinach leaf moved up and down.  As you walked away from each person, they’d leave with an image of you in their head as someone who just doesn’t care about dental hygiene.

But wait! Next thing you know, you’d run into a cute member of the opposite sex.  You’d be instantly infatuated with them and want to talk to them… but as soon as you opened your mouth, that piece of food that NO ONE told you about would cause that other person to remove themselves from your presence as soon as possible! Pretty soon, your reputation as “that guy with the dirty mouth” would spread, and you’d be forced to live out your days alone in solitude, with nothing more than a box of lotion, tissues, and your own tears to comfort you.

Oh, what a sad, sad would you would have lived in! But now, thanks to another person being brave enough to stick their neck out and warn you about your food-teeth mishap, all will be right with your world!

Ah, when someone is courteous enough to tell you about the food stuck between your teeth… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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