#0140: The Feeling of Happiness One Gets from Receiving – and Giving – Christmas Gifts

Ah, Christmas – the day when people all over the world get to wake up, run downstairs and open up the gifts that people got for them.

Opening up gifts is one of the best feelings in the world.  And really, it’s not even about the gifts themselves.  Sure, it feels good when you ask for something and another person actually gets you the thing you asked for.  But that joy is usually short-lived – after a few months, chances are you probably won’t even be using the thing the person got you.

What feels better is what the gift represents: that someone in your life cared enough about you to go out and seek out something for you that would put a smile on your face come Christmas morning.

To that end, not only does receiving gifts feel good, but so does the feeling of being able to give them out as well.  Showing people you care about them makes you feel just as good as the other person does when they realize the importance they hold in your lives.  Being able to put smiles on other people’s faces can actually make YOU have as big of a smile – if not bigger – than the one you have from receiving things.

So, on this wonderful Christmas day, be sure to do all you can to be the giver AND receiver of happiness.  It will definitely make your world seem that much brighter! 🙂

Ah, the feeling of happiness one gets from receiving – and giving – Christmas gifts… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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