#0141: Being Told by Someone How Sexy You Look

Everyone on the planet wants the feeling that they look good enough, on some level, to be desired by someone else. You can be as self-confident about your looks as you want, but the impact a simple statement like “hey, you look sexy” from another person can have on one’s ego is HUGE.

I was at work one day when a lady came in to get something.  As she was walking out, she stopped and looked at me.  The following conversation then took place:

Her: “Hey there, I just wanted to tell you: you look sexy with that beard. (I recently made the decision to grow it out and keep it.)”

Me: “Uh… (not knowing how to respond).”

Her: “Yeah, it makes you look older, more mature.  You look like one of those guys I’ve seen modeling stuff in clothing catalogs.”

Me: “Really?”

Her: “Yeah, yeah, you should keep it, it looks really sexy on you.”

Me: “Well, thank you very much!”

Now granted, the lady in question wasn’t someone I would try to get with (she was a little bit older and just not my type – pretty, but not my type). Still, just the fact that someone thought enough about my looks to comment on how hot they thought I was gave me the boost I needed to feel good about myself for at least a week!

Ah, being told by someone how sexy you look… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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