#0143: Being Able to Get Rid of Furniture By Putting It Out on the Curb

I recently moved out of my old apartment into a new one – and you know what that means: lots of things to pack up, and even more things to throw away.

One of the biggest hassles of moving occurs when having to throw out furniture.  In my case, I had a HUGE TV stand, sofa, mattress and futon bed frame to throw out. Unfortunately, I also had a lot of smaller items to trash, and by the time I threw most of those things out there was hardly any room left in the complex’s trash dumpster to hold the furniture.

Worse still, our landlord informed us that if I was to simply place the items next to the dumpster, the fine for it would be taken out of the returning deposit money – and that’s something I definitely did NOT want to happen!!

But then I remembered: over the course of the year-and-5-months I lived there, I had seen many people place all kinds of furniture out in front of their buildings near (or on) the sidewalk.  Everything from tables, chairs, sofas, mattresses, old computers, etc. – you name it, I had seen it on the curb at some point.

Amazingly, these items would be there for days at a time, and then POOF! – one day I’d go outside, and the item wouldn’t be there anymore!

Now, I’m not one for littering, and it seemed kinda risky at first (like, what if the cops see me just leaving furniture outside? Would they fine me for it? Could I get a ticket? Would environmentalists come after me for destroying the Earth?!?).  But hey, what else could I do? I didn’t have a truck to move the furniture to a local dump, nor did I have any idea where one was; I didn’t want to get fined; and I was pretty confident that someone would come and pick the stuff up, be it a person in need of said items or the trash collectors next time they were in the area.

So, that’s what I did – I moved the table stand, mattress, and sofa outside the building, to the faaaaaar corner of the street… then ran away like a bat out of heck!

This past week, I had to stop by my old apartment to see if I had any left over mail. Lo and behold: the TV stand and the mattress were both gone, and the sofa… um… well, the sofa had a homeless person on it eating a sandwich.  Yeaaaah… at least it was getting used!

Ah, being able to get rid of furniture by putting it on the curb – now THAT’s something to be thankful for!

-Aaron P. Taylor

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