#0148: Holiday Dinner Left-overs

There are many things to love about the holidays: getting/giving gifts; spending time with your family; the holiday specials that get shown on TV… and of course, having a HUGE family dinner.

It can be hard to determine just how much food should be made when preparing a holiday feast.  Sure, 10 people said they were going to come over and eat, but is that ACTUALLY how many people will be coming over? There’s always the chance that it’s supposed to be 10 but more could show up… however, the more likely scenario is that 10 will R.S.V.P., and about half of them will either cancel at the last-minute or show up for a quick visit before bouncing off to someone else’s house, without touching any food in the process.

And when the latter happens, OH BOY, is it a happy day!

You would think, at first, that cooking an over-abundance of food would be a BAD thing.  But then, after eating dinner, you take a look around at all the food that’s left and you realize: you’ve cooked enough food to last you and your family for a whole week!

Not only that, but it’s GOOD food, too!  We’re talking sweet potatoes, rice, corn, 3 kinds of chicken, turkey meat, mixed veggies, fish, peach cobbler, bread pudding, dressing, apple pie… normally you’d be content with your “normal” set of left overs (spaghetti, McDonald’s fries, spam), but between all the cooks and dishes made, you actually have OPTIONS of things to eat, and enough to last for a good amount of days (especially if you freeze stuff)!

And the best part? Because dinner was made at your house, none of your guests get to partake of the leftovers once they’ve left your house! Oh sure, they may take a plate with them, but it will only last them a night – meanwhile, YOU get to keep on enjoying it for all it’s worth!

Ah, holiday dinner left-overs… now THAT’S something to be thankful for! (P.S. And I should know – I’ve been eating left-overs for 2 days now, and counting!)

– Aaron P. Taylor

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