#0151: The Right to Vote

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Every four years in the United States, we elect someone to be the new leader of our country. And, to be honest, at times it can be quite the circus to watch.

You have two main parties – Democrats and Republicans – battling it out to see who will reign supreme in the contest of “taking over the country.” First they battle constituents within their own party; once they get whittled down to one person in each party, then those two people battle it out all the way up to the first Tuesday in November when a winner is finally chosen.

In between that time, though, we get to see thousands of political ads from both sides – and not just from the two people running for President. In addition to that position, you also have people within each state running for a plethora of different offices, from senators to librarian of the tax office. And each person has an opponent they’re running against, and each person runs ads attacking the other person, while at the same time condemning that person for attacking them.

And all that is BEFORE we get into things like Super PACs, Independent parties, etc. At times, the whole election process can be quite a bit to take in.

And yet…

Above: My video for “I’m Never Ever Gonna Vote for Romney,” a parody of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!” Now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google and eMusic!

Despite all these electoral distractions, I’m glad to be in a country where my vote means so much that people are willing to go out and campaign for it.

There are still many countries in other parts of the globe where elections are not a democratic process, but more like a dictatorship.  The people have very little say about who gets into office, and even if a so-called “democratic process” is set up where the people get to vote, their choice of leader can still be over-turned by those who are REALLY in charge.

And so, as this year’s election day heads to its dramatic climax, be mindful that you DO, in fact, have a voice, and that your vote, unlike some in other countries, really DOES matter.

Ah, the right to vote… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!


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