#0154: Hugs!

Hugs – aren’t they just the best?

When you’ve had a bad day… when you’re feeling down… when you start to feel alone… when you’ve lost someone close to you… when you’re feeling scared… or worried… or need to feel close to someone…

When you’ve had a good day and want to share your good feelings with someone… when someone close to you accomplishes something worth celebrating… when you feel like greeting someone beyond using a simple hand wave… when you meet that special person for the very first time and a handshake just won’t do…

When your dog runs up to you looking for affection… when you’re out camping in the cold and need something other than just a blanket to keep you warm… when you need to hold on to someone tight as you jump out of a plane… or just want to snuggle up with the person that’s closest to your heart…

For all these reasons and more… a simple hug can mean so very, very much!

Ah, hugs… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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