#0157: Finding Ways to Make Smart Passive Income

Don’t you love going to work everyday? Working 8  to 16 hour days at a desk or out in the fields so that you can help someone else make millions of dollars while you get to feed off the table scraps they give you in the form of a salary?

Doesn’t the idea of having to over-exude yourself for years and years, day in and day out, just to get some spare change excite you?

Yeah… me neither.

Which is why it’s a good idea to set things up that allow you to make SMART PASSIVE INCOME!

For those not familiar with the lingo, passive income is money that you make even when you’re not physically there to do anything to earn it.  It could come from a variety of different things, from investments in stocks and real estate, to products you’ve made that people can buy from you.

The hardest part about smart passive income is the set-up. You have to either create and/or do in-depth research on the thing that you’re going to be earning this passive income from. However, once you’ve figured out a way to make a profit at something, you will find that, once everything is set up, the right investment/product/idea can produce a MASSIVE amount of cash for you, more than you earn at your job.

Right now, I have a few things set up to make me income while I’m asleep. For example, I sell music on iTunes. People buy my songs/albums in the store, and I get a check from them each month. The hard part was actually creating the music; however, once it’s recorded and sent off to iTunes that’s all the work that’s required. Aside from me advertising my stuff, I don’t have to physically be anywhere selling my music because it’s already set up for me.

An easy way to make smart passive income is to set up a blog site where you can sell information via eBooks, podcasts, or affiliate marketing. I’m just now figuring out how to do all this stuff, and there are websites online that can help YOU find your passive income niche.

The best site I’ve found for this so far is www.SmartPassiveIncome.com.  The owner of the site, Pat Flynn, provides blog after blog of FREE material on how to set up a blog, make podcasts, set up affiliates, and tells you all the tools he’s used to make websites that help him rake in TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each month. (He also does a blog at the beginning of each month telling you how he made these tens of thousands of dollars from the previous month – how cool is THAT?!?)

Regardless of how you get it done, it’s definitely worth your while to set up a way to get in some smart passive income. Why waste the next 30 or 40 years slaving away for someone else when you could be vacationing AND making money at the same time?!?

Ah, finding ways to make smart passive income… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

*NOTE* The very first volume of “1001 Things to Be Thankful For” will be coming out on Monday, November 19th! Available in eBook and paperback form, it will make for the PERFECT holiday gift!

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