#0162: Having Trustworthy People In Your Life

Nothing puts more bad vibes in me than being around a person I don’t trust.

Granted, it can take years of knowing someone long enough before you can trust them. You have to start out with trusting them with simple things, like small secrets here and there that you don’t want told, or asking them to watch your food for 5 minutes while you go to the bathroom, praying to God the whole time that they don’t spit in your food or try to poison you.

However, once that trust is gained, any major violations of that trust is liable to put a HUGE alarm system in your head that says “don’t trust this person with ANYTHING whenever they’re around you from now on.”

You can be around someone for YEARS and think you know them, only to find out one day that they’ve been doing things behind your back you never thought possible. They could have been stealing money from you, cheating on you  (or using you to cheat on someone else), telling lies behind your back, and much, much worse. And when that happens it stinks because it makes you question just how well your judgement is in relation to the people you choose to let in your life.

That’s why it feels so good when you ARE able to have people in your life that you really CAN trust. I’m talking about the type of people that you can have sitting in your home all day while you’re our running errands and they won’t even try touching any of your food until you get back. The type of people who know all of your vulnerabilities and pet peeves and do their best to NOT use them against you. The type of people who won’t go blab to others when something embarrassing happens to you.

These types of people – the ones that are 100% trustworthy in every way – can be few and far between to find in life. So, when you find them, make sure you hold on to them – they are the people you will have the least amount of drama with, and you never have to look behind your shoulder when they’re around.

Ah, having trustworthy people in your life… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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