#0120: The Way Homemade Stews Taste After They’ve Sat For a Few Days

Growing up, my Mom didn’t like to cook much.  However, she did have one dish she liked to make quite often: a beef stew.

This stew had everything in it, from beef to noodles, chili, green leaves (I forget what it was exactly), vegetables, and more.  It was a mixing together of the best ingredients and, when paired with crackers, was insatiably good.

But, as good as the stew was upon first being cooked, it would taste even BETTER after it had sat around in the refrigerator for a few days. See, on the first day all the ingredients are just starting to blend together. By the fourth or fifth day, though, everything in the stew has been sitting together, allowing their individual flavors to seep into each other.

The result? All of the flavors suddenly become enhanced to create one super-flavor that’s packed full of robustness!  It’s like a heavenly treat for your taste buds, a stew that truly feels as if all the ingredients are working together to give your mouth the best flavor experience it could possibly get!

Man… now I really want some of my Mom’s stew!!

Ah, the way homemade stews taste after they’ve sat for a few days… now THAT’S something to be thankful for!

– Aaron P. Taylor

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